Business Intelligence

Thanks for enrolling in the Business Intelligence Workshop. In this training you’ll be learning to work with the Business intelligence tools of Excel – Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View alongside we’ll also be working with Power BI which is a standalone BI tool from Microsoft.

You MUST come prepared for the workshop. Below are some resources to help you get ready for the workshop. I’ll strongly recommend you to go through this page in detail


Install Applications

In case you have Excel 2016 (Pro Plus), there is a good chance that you have all the BI Addins in Excel pre-installed but in-case you don’t, then use the links below to install the add-ins. And needless to say but please carry your individual laptop

If you aren’t able to get any or all of the above applications, you can only install Power BI. It inherently has power query, power pivot and power view installed


Solve these Data Analysis Questions 

These questions will help me understand your current level of skill. Once you are done solving these questions, please attach your excel file and send it at [email protected] with the subject line “BI Training Questions”

  • Please follow general spreadsheet hygiene practices
  • Clearly display your answer in a form of a table or charts
  • Write comments or notes if needed

DOWNLOAD QUESTIONS – Solve in 60 mins (max)


In this training you’ll NOT be learning excel but having a good grasp on commonly used features in Excel helps you understand Power BI better. Note that Excel and Power BI have almost NO similarities

Pivot Table Videos

    1. Pivot Table Calculations – Part 1
    2. Pivot Table Calculations – Part 2
    3. Slicers in Pivots
    4. Timelines in Pivots


Some Essential Formulas

    1. SUMIFS
    3. VLOOKUP


Post Training Resources

  1. DAX Reference Card from Rob Collie
  2. Power Query Book from Chris Webb
  3. Power BI Mobile Book from Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo
  4. Power BI Book from Microsoft


Thank you so much, if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below. I’ll see you in the training


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