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Mastering DAX & Data Modeling

Let me teach you DAX & Data Modeling in Power BI in the most simple and effective way. 


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Let me tell you My story Struggle with DAX!

I started learning Power BI back in 2016 and I quickly learned that anything sophisticated and meaningful cannot be achieved by just using drag and drop visuals.

Fancy visuals can look appealing at the start but they wear down soon enough. Any serious reporting needs metrics and KPI to be calculated.

Calculations in Power BI are driven by DAX.

So I had to learn DAX!

I struggled and was frustrated while starring at DAX like this..

I understood nothing!

There were 2 Main Problems! 😟

  1. The content available had too many jargons.
  2. I didn’t know the 20% content that solved 80% problems.

I had to stay up many head banging nights and go through a lot of trail and error to finally understand how DAX works! If you relate to my story, I completely understand your pain and agony.

To help you reach your goals of learning and mastering DAX in a more effecient way, I created this course!

🧑‍🏫  My Teaching Method!

1. No Jargons, just simple English.

  • I hate jargons.
  • I don’t advocate nor use them in my course.
  • In this course, I’ll go the greatest extent to demystify DAX jargons.

2. Developing a Problem-Solving Mindset.

  • Rather than mugging DAX functions one after the other, I focus on teaching you how to structure and solve problems.
  • I do teach DAX functions but more importantly, I teach you to structure problems so that you can solve problems beyond the cases discussed in this course.

3. Case Based Learning.

  • For almost all DAX concepts covered, I teach using a problem or case study.
  • This approach helps to visualize the application of the concept.

🤩 6 Part Course Outline

To make the course highly effective I have divided all the learnings into 6 parts.

Part 1 - The Fundamentals

💡 In this part, you’ll understand the building blocks of DAX. What is DAX, Why is it important, How it works, Best Practices, Thumb Rules to keep in mind and more.

Complexity  ●●●●○


  • What is DAX?
  • Why do you need DAX (A Quick Exercise)
  • Exercise Answers
  • Implicit & Explicit Calculations
  • Understanding Filter Context and 3 Stage Evaluation
  • One – Many Relationships – Filter Context on Expanded Tables
  • One to Many Relationship – Trick
  • Working with Iterators – Part 1
  • Working with iterators – Part 2
  • Intervention – DAX Input and Output Types
  • Intervention Video – DAX Input and Output Types
  • Introducing CALCULATE – Context Modification
  • Intervention Video – DAX Writing Conventions
  • Intervention Video – Variables in DAX
  • Getting Started with Time Intelligence
  • Date / Calendar Table
  • Date / Calendar Table for Fiscal Year
  • Time Intelligence Calculations
  • Time Intelligence Calculations for Partial Year Periods
  • Managing Multiple Relationships
  • Managing Multiple Relationships – Case Study
  • Disconnected Tables with No Relationships
  • Disconnected Tables – Practical Use
  • Context Transition
  • Context Transition and 3 Tricky Examples (gotchas)
  • Getting Started with Calculation Groups
  • DAX Lineage
  • Intervention Video – DAX Shortcuts
Part 2 - Practical Applications of DAX

💡 In this part, you’ll learn to solve some practical business problems using DAX.

Complexity  ●●●●○


  • Case 1 – Sales Distribution Analysis
  • Case 2 – Top Selling Product Analysis
  • Case 3 – Moving Averages
  • Case 4 – Calculating Percentage of Total
Part 3 - DAX Function Library (Optional)

💡 This part gives you the access to a video library for learning various DAX functions. To begin with, I have included the most important functions that you should learn first.

Complexity  ●●●●○


  • SUMX
  • TOPN

This is just an indicative list, there are a lot more functions covered in this section

Part 4 - DAX Debugging Techniques

💡 DAX, just like any other programming language is going to throw errors or incorrect values. Since there is no built in debugger available, in this section you’ll learn various simple to complex techniques to debug DAX.

Complexity  ●●●●●


  • Debugging Introduction
  • 3 Stages of DAX Evaluation – Old School Method
  • Old School Method – Level 2
  • Debugging using CONCATENATEX, COUNTROWS and Variables
  • Debugging using DAX Studio
Part 5 - Data Modeling Techniques

💡 Instead of constantly struggling with DAX, in this section you’ll learn to solve simple to complex problems using creative Data Modeling (or data shaping) approaches.

Complexity  ●●●●●


  • Actual v/s Budget – Easy
  • Actual v/s Budget – Allocation
  • Actual v/s Budget – Optimising using Data Modeling
  • Creating Models with 2 Calendar Tables
  • Events in Progress Problem
Part 6 - Case Study

💡 In this section you’ll be given a data set and a few practical (simple and complex) problems to solve using DAX and Data Modeling.  

Complexity  ●●●●●


  • Part 1 – Solutions
  • Part 2 – Solutions
  • Part 3 – Solutions
  • Part 4 – Solutions
  • Part 5 – Solutions
Course Certificate

💡 After completing all course modules, you’ll receive a signed course completion certificate.

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🧠 After completing the course, you’ll..

  • Clearly understand how DAX works.
  • Create, edit and debug simple to complex DAX calculations.
  • Acquire the in demand skill of working DAX to tap in the hidden analytical power of Power BI.

Hi, My name is Chandeep, I’ll be your Instructor.

I am assuming that you already know me through my blog, but if you are new around here, here are a few things about me.

I stay in Dubai, UAE and used to work as a Financial Analyst for an Investment Bank in Mumbai (India). Back in December 2013 I quit my full time job to start Goodly.

Being an Analyst, I became really good with Excel and I now teach Excel and PowerBI around the world through Online Courses, Blog, YouTube and LIVE Corporate Training Programs.

✨ Course Feedback

Darin Spence / Colorado

DAX is critical for my present role. I was struggling to learn strong basic understanding. I found this course.

Ramachandran / Bangalore, India

I’m taking this course because I found you on YouTube and I like the way you explain DAX. Simple and effective. I feel like this’ll help me in my current Job.

Rajasekhar / Andhra Pradesh, India

I have actually subscribed to your excel course and after having gone through your lessons, I find it very good and enriching. Decided to subscribe the Dax course since I am also picking up power bi 🙂

Choong Keng / Singapore

I’m data consultant, I already used power bi a lot for simple needs, but the reason for enrolling this course is to learn and understand deeply DAX.

Omar Ghannam

I’m a Power BI Software Developer in the Banking Sector I need DAX to take my BI Software Capabilities to the next level I’m confident that this is the best place to be I’m very happy and grateful to be part of this team and I’m ready for this journey, it was worth saving for, I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity

Ayanda Peter / South Africa

I found your explanations and style among the best, so here I am!. I am struggling with efficient visuals and formulas working for a nuclear client who has dirty data from scheduling and project management software which I have to wrangle via power query and enhance with metadata from standalone master files. I am late in my career, though I’ve been using Access and Excel since ’97 including VBA, and yes I’m one of those Excel-2003-keyboard-shortcut-only-guys (which still work in Excel 2016). I’m old enough to have actually briefly used Visicalc as a teen.

Stephan Weaver / Texas

Professional background in Accounting and Finance. Due to change in the technology and quick answer for business partners, I want to translate my excel skill to Power Bi and automate my work to focus more towards analytical skills. I am very excited and motivated to learn from you. Thank you!

Abhishek Rajbhandari / Boston, MA

I am a Business Analyst and working on Power BI however wants to clean my core concepts for getting a much better grip on DAX. I hope Chandeep will become a trump card in understanding these concepts.

Shreyans Jain / Gurugram, India

I have been tinkering with Power BI for few months, but want to harness its potential learning through one of the best tutors (based on your Youtube Channel 🙂

Prabhu Sukumaran

Currently working in health care and wanting to make a career change to technology. I have been watching youtube videos on power bi/dax. It appears from my reading and videos that power bi and dax are good combinations especially having a mastering skills in dax can make work in power bi a little easier. That’s why I’m here to learn DAX and master it.

Sam Doegolia / Seattle

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

The course has approximately 50 + videos. Each video is about 12-15 mins long. Move over I’ll keep adding lessons to the course as and when I discover interesting aspects / case studies which are interesting enough and worth teaching.

Will I really master DAX after this course?

Short Answer – NO!

Watching videos is not enough, you have to commit to practice the lessons taught. Redoing it yourself, asking questions.

This course will give you a very clear understanding of how DAX works and how to solve simple to complex difficult problems using DAX and Data Modeling.

Building mastery over it involves practice, which is in your hands! 🙂

How can I ask questions?

Each video has a commenting section which you can use to ask questions. You also have the ability to paste your code or insert pictures to explain your problem more vividly.

WIll I get lifetime access to the course?

Yes, your course access will be for lifetime!

I’ll help you with structured learning and guidance along the way and not let you make the mistakes that I made. But there are no shortcuts and you’ll have to put in the hard work.

If you’ve liked my teaching style so far on YouTube – I am pretty sure you’re going to love the course too.

Sign up and I’ll see you inside the course!

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