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Learn to Automate Your Mundane Data Cleaning Tasks using Power Query

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The Data Jockey’s Ordeal 

Nearly 80% of the time is consumed in performing repetitive data cleaning tasks!

The worst part.. you’ve gotta do this each day, each week, each month in-fact each time you need to create the report 😑 

Think how much time would you save if you automate this process ⏲️

Thinking of VBA?

Most people of think of solving this problem using… VBA (creating a Macro in Excel). Not a bad idea but there are 3 major problems that you’ll run into,

  1. VBA can’t handle large data sets – It tends to be as slow as Excel.

  2. VBA is hard to learn – The grammar of VBA, the syntax, the logic building takes a long time to master.

  3. VBA Code will break from even the slightest change in the data structure.

And you are back to manual data cleaning.

Consider my solution.. 🧠

Learn Power Query 🚀

Power Query is a mind blowing tool to clean data and automate repetitive data cleaning tasks.

It’s free and is already built into Excel and Power BI.

It is damn easy to learn!

Learning Power Query can help you save a ton of time🤯

In the last few years I have taught thousands of people on how to use power query to solve data cleaning and automation problems.

Now it may sound that I am exaggerating but the major benefit that all of my students get is that how much time they save by automating repetitive tasks.


💡 I am not taking about 10-20% gain in efficiency. Consider a long, mundane data cleaning task that takes 3 people, 3 hours each day for a week, now gets done in 5 mins flat.

With one click! 🖱️

I’m sure you’d want to save that much time.. wouldn’t you?



Here is how Power Query works (automation example) 👇🏼

2 Part Course Outline

Part 1 - The Fundamentals

💡 Short easy case studies to learn the most important features of Power Query from scratch.

Complexity  ●●●○○


  What is Power Query?

  Combining Data from Multiple Excel Files – Simple Version

  Combining Data from Multiple Excel Files – Advanced Version

  Combining Data from Multiple Sheets in a Single Sheet – Using IF

  Combining Data from Multiple Sheets in a Single Sheet – Without using IF

  Loading Data from the Web

  Working with Dates

  Exercise 1 – Question and Answer

  Intervention 1 – Common Errors and Gotcha’s in Power Query

  Simple Unpivoting



  Joins in Power Query

  Application of Joins – VLOOKUP

  Application of Joins – Dynamic Filters

  Using Parameters & Templates in Power BI

  Cartesian Join

  Schedule your Refresh

  M Code Basics

  Exercise 2 – Slightly more complex case

Part 2 - Practical Case Studies

💡These are more advanced close to real life case studies to apply the learning from Part 1 on how to automate your repetitive tasks.

Complexity  ●●●●○


  Working with more than 1 Mn Rows in Excel.

  Complex Date Transformations

  Complex Unpivoting – Data with 2 Headers

  Combining & Complex Unpivoting together – Creating Custom Functions

  Combining Data from Multiple Excel Files – Everything is dynamic

  Filtering Headers of Data

  Transpose Rows in Columns – Only for a single column

  Combine Duplicate Values in a Single Row

  Repeat Row N Times

  How to Unstack Rows in Columns

  Dynamic Column Renaming

  Creating Dynamic Path for Excel and Power BI Source Data

  How to refer to Previous Row

  Replace Errors in Multiple Column at Once

  Make Remove Other Columns Dynamic

Hi, My name is Chandeep, I’ll be your Instructor. 

I am assuming that you already know me through my blog, but if you are new around here, here are a few things about me.

I stay in Dubai, UAE and used to work as a Financial Analyst for an Investment Bank in Mumbai (India). Back in December 2013 I quit my full time job to start Goodly.

Being an Analyst, I became really good with Excel and I now teach Excel and PowerBI around the world through Online Courses, Blog, YouTube and LIVE Corporate Training Programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Power Query take to learn?

Power Query can do a lot of complex stuff only using the user interface (without any code). You need to understand what options are available and how to use them.

Realistically speaking, if you practice for 1 hour each day you should be in a really good position to solve real life problem within a month.  

Does it work in Excel too?

Yes. Power Query comes built in Excel (2016 and onwards) and in Power BI. Even if you’re working with older versions of Excel (2010 or above) you can install Power Query for free.

Your Power Query knowledge can transferred to Power BI, Power Platform and Excel.

Do you also teach M language in this course?

No. I don’t go in depth of the M language in this course. I am working on a separate course for learning advanced applications of M language.

I’ll See You Inside the Course

1 Course

$147 | INR 9,990

 + applicable taxes

Power Query Course – $147

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Power Query Course – $147

Mastering M – $229

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Best Deal

3 Course Bundle

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DAX & Data Modeling – $199

Mastering M – $229

Power Query Course – $147

Lifetime Access for All

I’ll help you with structured learning and guidance along the way and not let you make the mistakes that I made. But there are no shortcuts and you’ll have to put in the hard work.

If you’ve liked my teaching style so far on YouTube – I am pretty sure you’re going to love the course too.