I love you

Hello there! Ssup ?

It is less likely that you have gotten here by accident because sending love is intentional and not an accident. Isn’t it?

I have a question for you?

Since June 2014, I have written a ton of stuff about Excel and PowerPoint in here

If any of my courses, live training, consulting project, blogs, emails, charts, templates, presentations, dashboards, tricks or anything that helped you tremendously in your work then please do give me a shout

You’ll make me very happy if you write something for me!

Please take a minute to write your heart out for me. I’ll feel awesome & pumped.

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  • A simple “Hi” or a “Thanks” or
  • That crazy anecdote that made you a rock-star at work or
  • Even thoughts on what could I have done better to give your more awesomeness.

I am all ears to what you have to say and I’ll reply to each one of you. Hey even before you type that comment, thank you so much for your love..