I have been “working” to create a blog for the past 8 months only to discard it as “not the need of  the hour” or put it on back burner every now and then. But yesterday at around 5:30 pm it went live.. Ohh yessss !!

It would be lot less just to name the people and my motivation behind this, so I’ll be a bit descriptive in my thank you notes


  • Ashutosh – He has been a mentor, my ex-boss, a friend and guide too. I can safely say that most of my learnings have come directly from him or via him. Thank you for allowing me to work with you
  • Sourabh for always being there as a friend and a coach and believing in all sorts of reasons for me not showing up at his place (many were genuine 😀 )
  • Gulabjamun for the countless hours of advice and discussions and testing my content. Also thank you for attending my training sessions
  • Chirag for giving me wacky ideas and helping me unwind every time I visited him
  • Kajal for all your encouragement and belief and your invaluable help all times. Thank you so much
  • Arihant A strong credit for being intellectual and fun loving at all times. Many thanks for letting me stay with you and sharing amazing ideas and beers!
  • Ankur  For auditing my content and ideas and allowing me to stay with him
  • Raunaq for ideas on the blog navigation and design and amazing fun we had in Mumbai
  • Srivatsan for his invaluable insights on my content, website  and your beer treat 😀
  • Anuj for always being interested in my content and incorporating my suggestions in his work
  • Shruti (our elephanta) for lending me money in tough times, Thank you very much!
  • Dhawal A dear friend who took online and offline lessons from me and being the first visitor on this blog 😀
  • Gargee For being a long standing friend and for your support in tough times
  • Sappu  For auditing my work and giving immense ideas on how the web works. Cant miss to say a big thank you for especially flying down for my birthday (or was it for the visa interview 😀 )
  • Shikher – For all the contacts and business relationships shared. Moreover a big thanks to all the wonderful time we spent in Pune
  • Sonu – Many apologies for not being able to help you during your need but all the more thanks for the motivation that you give me !
  • Pradeep One of the gems in my life. A heartful of thanks for the invaluable advice on the business side and personal life
  • Puneet For his advice on studying and lending me videos
  • Sakshi For bearing all the bull s**t I talk with her and not showing up when I was there in Banagalore
  • Sarang For the amazing conversation about finance and your help on the difficult concepts and questions
  • Swati For all the encouragement and care she gave me during the early set up days
  • Shruti Sensible Many thanks to her for being my first customer
  • Oswald A big thanks for allowing me to use his credits and being a great friend in life. Needless to mention all the fun that we had and will keep having


  • Late Grandmother & Grandfather  For giving me life lessons and immense love
  • Mom and Dad A big thank you for letting me use the name Goodly and letting me do the initial business in their firm
  • Chiran and Divjot (Apple of my eyes) For auditing my work and repeatedly assuring me of the good results (yet to come). For trying to get me some business and all the love, laughter and naughtiness that we spread in Goodly House
  • Son (My gf) For taking all my naughtiness and bearing my inexplicable silent behavior. A big thanks for lending me so much money in difficult times and being with me

Our Interns

A big thanks to Zainab and Payel for your contributions

Business Associates

I can’t miss thanking the following people for giving me work. I owe you all a lot !

  • Susan & Prerna a big credit to both of them for believing in me without having any credentials and letting me do a bunch of trainings
  • Payal for all business she gives me and her elegant approach towards work
  • Abhishek  for giving me additional business in his territory
  • Aarti  Can’t express in words for being one of the initial ones for believing in me and giving me work
  • Mr Swaminathan, Ankur and Dipti for giving me a chance to work with their company
  • Dr Dhembare for letting us work with him on developing his business plan
  • Abhijeet for helping his company develop a real estate model. A due credit goes to Sourabh for doing this project all by himself
  • Vasant, Deepa and Daya for letting me do multiple trainings for their teams and treating me so well
  • Anoosha and Aarushi to give me an opportunity to speak with the amazing audience at Empezar!
  • To all the people whom I train and meet without your interest in what I do, I could not have gathered enough motivation to start and continue this blog. A lot of thanks to all of you

Our Developers

A big thanks to Raghwendra and his team for developing this blog and handling an interrogating customer like me

Books, People and Blogs that influence me everyday

Microsoft Corporation

For developing such amazingly helpful office applications that make our work simple!

I may have given less credit or left some people altogether. Please feel free to comment and let me know. The above credits are not in order of importance 😀

Thank you very much everyone

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