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100+ Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is an exhaustive list of 100+ Excel Keyboard Shortcuts. Over the years of my excel journey, I have practiced using shortcuts for almost everything that I do in Excel and it has increased my speed 3x as much, apart from making me look like a Stud! 😎 and now it is your turn!!


Here are the Shortcuts!

100+ Excel Shortcuts pdf download

I have neatly segregated them into 8 categories + I have laid down a step by step process for you to master the keyboard shortcuts over time

  • Navigation Shortcuts
  • Selection Shortcuts
  • Editing Shortcuts
  • Hiding and Un-hiding Shortcuts
  • Formatting Shortcuts
  • Formula and Cell Naming Shortcuts
  • Miscellaneous Shortcuts
  • Pivot Table Shortcuts


Share your Favorite Shortcuts

If you have a couple of shortcuts that you can’t live without, please share them with me using comments. Also if you have found an indispensable shortcut in the 100+ shortcut list please do recommend to other readers as well. Don’t forget to comment!



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