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Filtering Pictures

Hi Guys,

What’s happening ?¬†Lately (16 August) I visited a holy place for Sikhs in Amritsar (Northern India) known as the Golden Temple, more on this later ūüėÄ but as of now lets continue with a problem asked by one the participants in an Excel session. So the question was..

Participant : Chandeep, can we filter photos in Excel ?

Chandeep : Sure you can !

But when I did that I¬†faced a typical problem ! The photos won’t¬†hide as¬†I applied filter criteria

The Fix !

So I read a couple of blogs and found a fix, here we go. Consider that you have Products, Their Pictures, Model Number and the pictures are not hiding as you filter the products

Filtering Pictures1

  1. Select any one picture and press Ctrl + A (it will select all objects on the sheet)
  2. Right click any one of them --> Size and Properties
  3. Under the Properties option choose the option --> ‘Move and Size with Cells’

Now when you apply filter on the products the pictures will be filtered too ūüėÄ (its simple and awesome !)

Continuing with Amritsar

It was a short 2 day trip with Son (my gf) and we had a lot of fun. Amritsar (in Punjab) is known for a couple of things

  1. Golden Temple – The famous¬†Sikh Shrine in the world¬†often touted as the ‘One of the places you must visit before you die‘. I have visited it about 7-8 times now ;-D
  2. Wagah Border (Indo-Pak Border) РAn amazing army parade from both sides (India and Pakistan) happens every evening and it feels more Indian then ever !!
  3. Jallianwala Bagh РHolds significant importance in the Indian freedom fight (1947 and before) but we ran short of time and we could not visit this place
  4. Kulcha РA Punjabi dish made with white flour, potato mix, love and oodles of homemade butter and I am sure I gained a couple of pounds in mere 2 days

Here are some snapshots!

Border and Golden Temple

Click to enlarge!  Enjoy and Take Care!


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