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It’s been a while I threw a challenge so here is one! But this time using DAX and only DAX! Keep your FILTERS clean and get ready to CALCULATE! 😀

Consider this EMP Table

One row per employee and their date of joining. Table Name – Employees

Find days before the earliest date


Now Consider this Training Table

An employee can undergo multiple training on different dates, but not necessarily all employees (in the employee table) will undergo training. Table Name – Training

Find days before the earliest date


The Problem

After how many days post their joining did each employee undergo their first training?

Find days before the earliest date



  1. Create a single measure in Excel Power Pivot or Power BI
  2. No helper columns or tables, just one neat measure to get the job done
  3. Of course you are free to create relationships



Snap that DAX code in the comments below!


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