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    What do you think will be the result for the following

    • 4 divided by 2
    • 90 divided by 9
    • 44 divided by 0

    IFERROR Function in Excel

    If your division formula went oops (#DIV/0!) on the 3rd one then for handling situations like these you can use IFERROR Function in Excel. The error could be anything but IFERROR steps in with an alternative, in-case your formula returns an error

    Here is how it works!

    In the example below $30,000/3 will work fine but $40,000/0 will give an error because you can’t divide a number in excel by 0 (zero). Therefore a DIV error!

    IFERROR function in excel 1
    To cosmetically improve the result wrap the division in the IFERROR function.

    IFERROR accepts two inputs

    1. Value – This could be a number, text or even a formula (in our case this is the division formula)
    2. Value if Error – What do you want in case the first part results in an error. Again this could a number, text or another formula too. In our case whenever there is a divide by zero then the output will be “Not Possible”.

    IFERROR function in excel 2

    Alternatively, we could have also placed a 0 (zero for the second part) of the IFERROR function
    IFERROR function in excel 3

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