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Pick up the Right Chart

I got an incredible response to the charting game that I posted last week, especially to test your skills on picking up the right chart as per the data and the objective

In this post …

  1. I am not only going to give the right answers to all the cases
  2. But also give out the reasons for the correct answer
  3. And will also give you my interpretation of your score!

If you are not up to date with Goodly, and don’t know what the hell is going on. You need to play this game right now! Yes right now!

Pick up the Right Chart 3
As soon as you enter your name, all instructions will automatically appear in the game! for more on this check out the earlier post


And now, let’s start rolling the answers

ANSWER 1) Option 2 is correct

If you are one of those who picked up Option 1 or Option 3. I have a few questions for you (Take a look at the Pie Charts Only and answer them)

Pick up the Right Chart Solution 1

  1. Which is the 3rd best region in terms of sales performance ?
  2. Which region ranks 6 ?


If you are taking anything more than 2-3 seconds to answer these question, you know it for sure these are wrong charts! Try answering the same questions with a bar chart and see the difference


ANSWER 2) Option 2 is correct

If you choose 1st or the 3rd option, then try answering the following question.

Pick up the Right Chart Solution 2

Only refer to Chart 1 and Chart 3 : Which year’s total assignments are more 2012 or 2013?

The objective of this case was total assignments, which is best described by Chart 2!


ANSWER 3) Option 2 is Correct

If you picked up the line chart or the spider chart (the real name is radar chart), then take a look closely

  1. The candidate performances for each skill is clearly comparable by a bar chart
  2. But not in the Spider Chart (I mean the Radar Chart).
  3. Also the line chart is incorrect because the skills do not show any trend, they are mutually exclusive. Line chart fits well for a trend

Pick up the Right Chart Solution 3


ANSWER 4) Option 3 is Correct

I swear to God, if you belong to India or any other cricket loving country (don’t know if there are any like us) and you got this one wrong, I will die in astonishment! 😀

The objective simply asks for a trend and line chart is the best answer to that. Period! For arguing the first option also fits the bill, but not completely

Pick up the Right Chart Solution 4


ANSWER 5) Option 1 is Correct

The Area Chart (2) and the Pie Chart (3) become very difficult to read and bulky. This was a simple one

Pick up the Right Chart Solution 5


ANSWER 6) Option 1 is Correct

This was similar to question 1. If you chose the pie, answer the following.

  1. How much is the budget for Indian Research Organisation? You’ll find yourself getting lost in trying to match the right color to find the value. Therefore.. a bad chart!
  2. On the other hand line, depicts a trend so not really apt for this case

Pick up the Right Chart Solution 6


ANSWER 7) Option 2 is Correct

A lot people choose option 1 and I’ll tell you why is it wrong

  1. We have 3 data points. Sales in $Mn, Profit % and No of Customers
  2. And you are trying to compare Sales (in $Mn) and No of Customers on the same axis
  3. You can clearly see that the sales numbers are dying (I mean not visible) on the horizontal axis


In Option 2, I have separated Customers from Sales & Profit and made 2 charts. Also note the fact that Customers and Sales are not comparable (Customers lead to Sales) whereas 2 sales or profit figures are comparable

Pick up the Right Chart Solution 7



If your score is between

  • 0-5 :  Your chart Selection skills are more inclined towards art than logic. In simple terms you get carried away by the beauty of the chart rather than what information it delivers
    • It also means that if your score is closer to 5, you are getting more logical in picking up the right chart
  • 6 or more : Your chart selection skills are more logical than artistic, which is perfect!


Share your views and Thank you so much!

If you contest any of my reasons, I would love to hear you out or even if you have any feedback about the game, let me know by leaving a comment..

Even if you did not get a good score, don’t take it to your heart! It was just a game, a fun way of learning something new.

Thank you so much to everyone who played the game and especially to the ones who posted their score in the comments. Cheers to YOU!


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