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Meet me virtually and learn to solve complex real-time problems in Power BI

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Why a LIVE Training?

I get asked a lot to provide one-on-one learning & mentorship. Since it’s not possible to do it individually, this form of closed group session is ideal for simulating one-on-one learning experience.

Self paced courses are good but there are tons of people out there who learn while sitting along with the instructor, asking questions and clarifying doubts on the go.

It’s a rich experience to network and learn from students around the world.

Power BI – Classroom Training

If you are the type of person who needs more accountability, a bit more assistance and a bit more detailed explanation, this would be an awesome opportunity to see me in person. 

Detailed Training Outline 📑

Day 1 - Power Query

💡 We’ll discuss the most important Power Query concepts and patterns to transform data along with interesting applications of M Language.

Complexity  ●●●●○


  Common Data Cleaning Operations – Appending Data, Working with Dates, Summarizing, Unpivoting and Joins

  Getting beyond the user interface

  Working with M Language

  Solving more real-time & complex data cleanups

  Evaluation Game – to test your understanding of the subject

Day 2 - Getting started with DAX

💡 Learn the fundamentals of how DAX works, Relationships + their nuances and a 3 stage DAX evaluation process by exploring real-time cases. 

Complexity  ●●●○○


  Why do you need DAX? – A Game

  Relationships in Power BI and their nuances

  Implicit and Explicit DAX – Which one is better?

  Filter Context in a Single Table

  Filter Context in Multiple Related Tables

Day 3 - More on DAX

💡 Taking on the DAX journey further we’ll explore iterators, whys and hows of time Intelligence and complex calculations.  

Complexity  ●●●●○


  The power of Iterators

  Date Tables – Why do you need one, How to make one?

  Time Intelligence – Simple Time Intelligence Calculations

  Adjusting Time Intelligence – Complex Calculations

Day 4 - Even more DAX

💡 Explore the problem solving process for complex calculations, multiple facts and table granularities as the model becomes more complex.

Complexity  ●●●●○


  Relationships with different granularity tables

  Budget Allocation Calculations

  Inactive Relationships and their workings

  Working with Disconnected Tables

Day 5 - Working with External Tools

💡 Learn debugging, investigation and productivity techniques with the most common external tools in Power BI – Tabular Editor and DAX Studio

Complexity  ●●●●○


  Working with Tabular Editor

  Calculation Groups

  Working with DAX Studio

  Data Modeling – Why is it so important? (Case Study)

Day 6 - Cases, Concepts & Evaluation

💡 Exploring creative Data Modeling techniques to solve difficult problems so that you don’t have to write complex DAX.

Complexity  ●●●●●


  Data Modeling scenarios and examples – Simple and Complex

  How to think to solve Power BI calculation problems

  Complex DAX calculations – few examples

  Evaluation Game – To test your DAX & Data Modeling Understanding

Dates and Other Details 🗓

  All sessions will be done via Teams Meeting.

  Each day’s session will be recorded for your reference.

  Recordings will be made available to participants enrolling via Option 2 and 3.

  Training length – 3 hours / day (with one 15 min break).

Day | Date Dubai Time
Day 1 | 18th June 2022 (Sat)  6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Day 2 | 18th June 2022 (Sat) 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Day 3 | 18th June 2022 (Sat) 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Day 4 | 18th June 2022 (Sat) 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Day 5 | 18th June 2022 (Sat) 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Day 6 | 18th June 2022 (Sat)

6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Match the training time in your time zone

Training Requirements for Participants

  1. Working Computer, Web-cam, Headphones and Mic.
  2. Power BI Desktop Installed.
  3. Good Internet Connection.


Wondering if this Training is for You? 🤔

This training is ideal for..

1. People who have already dabbled with Power BI and

2. Want to build a strong foundation on Power Query, Data Modeling, and DAX.

Student Feedback! 👨‍🎓🔊

“You modified the session to suite our pace. I really appreciate it.” Mohan Gokulrajan

“It’s definitely been great to see what’s possible!” Darin Spence

“What I’ve always liked is the way you break down big problems into small problems. That makes it very easier to solve them. ” Steven Ross

“I am very grateful for this beautiful session” VS Raghavan


The one thing all my students love is my style of explanation and this workshop will be no different. I’ve received overwhelming appreciation on YouTube.

“Awesome man 👏🏻 👏🏻  You have the best way of explanation. All your videos are very much helpful. Hope to see many more videos from you. Thank you for your knowledge sharing.”    – Ramesh Kandiboyina

“Fabulous Chandeep..Wasn’t aware that there were so many short cuts in DAX. This will definitely make our life easier. Your videos are practical and easily digested. The presentation as usual is very crisp and to the point. I like your story telling, and the way you took us through it. Cheers!!” – Vijay Krishnan

“Congratulations from the UK! Your solution for creating a conditional running total in PowerQuery was exactly what I was looking for and the best part is, even for a newbie, I actually understood the formula! I hope your channel continues to grow and you keep providing great content!” – Parahi Amin

“Hi man, you explain things very clearly. You surely are one of the best teachers.” – Mia Zhou

“That’s the best explanation on the whole Internet! I’ve watched almost every single video of SQLBI, Curbal and Excelsfun…. Not to mention the endless courses on Udemy… And no one, literally no one is explaining that better!” – Atanasprod Atanasov

“Best explanation I have heard on the Context transition. Not only did you demystify the Context Transition but helped me understand the Value DAX Function. Thank you so much” – Simanga Simelane

“I don’t usually comment on videos but this was one of the best explanations I have found on rank and percentiles. It was exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you!!” – R Stump

“Wow! This was very advanced and tricky! I can see you are well versed in M as well as Dax. Great solution 👏🏻” – Ro

“Chandeep, your videos are amazing; your teachings are excellent; you are doing an awesome job… thank you for sharing your knowledge in such an impactful way.” – Gosnel John

“Thanks for video, Chandeep 🙂 I am impressed by the clarity of the explanation of difficult parts of the issue 👍🏻” – Bill Szysz

Hi, My name is Chandeep, I’ll be your Instructor.

I am assuming that you already know me through my blog, but if you are new around here, here are a few things about me.

I stay in Dubai, UAE and used to work as a Financial Analyst for an Investment Bank in Mumbai (India). Back in December 2013 I quit my full time job to start Goodly.

Being an Analyst, I became really good with Excel and I now teach Excel and PowerBI around the world through Online Courses, Blog, YouTube and LIVE Corporate Training Programs.

Frequently Asked Questions 🙋‍♀️

Is this training for beginners?

This training is meant for people who have already dabbled with Power BI.

  1. It aims to teach to you to solve complex, practical problems in Power BI
  2. And gaining conceptual understanding of how Power BI works. 
Are sessions going to be recorded?

Each day’s session will be recorded for your reference. Recordings will be made available to participants enrolling via Option 2 and 3.

Would you be solving my questions?

I encourage you to ask me questions and I would love to help you as far as possible but this session is meant to teach you to solve problems yourself. 

Please don’t enroll if you are just planning on getting your problems solved and not learning.

If you’re the type of person who needs more accountability, a bit more assistance and a bit more detailed explanation, this would be an awesome opportunity to learn from me.

I’ll see you in the training 🙌


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“Your level of teaching are far far beyond normal… I mean it’s incredibly amazing how you demonstrate, talk and walk through examples. I wish you keep up this great great work to world community. Thanks a lot again. :)”  – Jimmy

“I wasted a day of work to find a explanation like this!!! You are amazing!! Thank you!!!!!”   – Luiza Moura Canton

“I’ve been studying row and transition context for DAX for something like 5 months now, and, by far, this was one of the best explanations I’ve had. Really glad that I found your channel.” – Leonardo Jose

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