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Acquire advanced skills on Data Analysis & Visualizations using Excel and Power BI

I teach specialised analytical skills in a fun, “free from jargons” and friendly way! 

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M Language Power Query          

Push Beyond Power Query’s User Interface & Solve Tricky Data Cleaning Problems.

80+ videos                              Complexity ●●●●○                            

$229 | INR 12,990 + taxes

252 Students

DAX & Data Modeling         

A step by step guide to learn DAX and Data Modeling to solve real time business problems in Power BI.

75 videos                              Complexity ●●●●○                            

$199 | INR 11,990 + taxes

504 Students

Power Query Course          

Learn to automate your mundane Data Transformations using Power Query (in Excel & Power BI).

35 videos                              Complexity ●●●○○                           

$147 | INR 9,990 + taxes

369 Students

Master Excel Step by Step    

An easy to follow, step by step course to help you build rock solid skills in Microsoft Excel.

106 videos                              Complexity ●●●○○                           

$99 | INR 4,990 + taxes

200+ Students

Dashboards using Excel        

Learn to make Beautiful, Interactive and Insightful Dashboards using Excel.

68 videos                                  Complexity ●●●●○                           

$199 | INR 11,990 + taxes

83 Students

Power BI Beginner’s Course  

A Beginners course to help you learn the ABCs of Power BI from scratch.

11 videos                              Complexity ●●○○○                           


1441 Students


Power BI – Classroom Training  

Meet me virtually and learn to solve complex real-time problems in Power BI.

Starts from $399 | INR 31,873 + taxes


Recruitment Tracker Dashboard – Template         

Create a sophisticated and insightful Recruitment Tracker Dashboard with your own data using this Power BI Template.

$129 + taxes

Learning and Development Dashboard in Power BI

Create a beautiful & insightful Learning and Development (Training) Dashboard using this Power BI Template.

$147 + taxes

Invoice and Payment Management Template         

Track and analyse lumpsum and single invoice payments in a single Dashboard using this Power BI Template. 

$99 + taxes

Calendar Dashboard in Excel  

Beautifully present data and events in a calendar format in Excel.


Hi, My name is Chandeep!

I am assuming that you already know me through my blog, but if you are new around here, here are a few things about me.

I stay in Dubai, UAE and used to work as a Financial Analyst for an Investment Bank in Mumbai (India). Back in December 2013 I quit my full time job to start Goodly.

Being an Analyst, I became really good with Excel and I now teach Excel and PowerBI around the world through Online Courses, Blog, YouTube and LIVE Corporate Training Programs.

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