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Productive and Time saving Excel Tricks 1

Hello there, all you lovely and goodly people! Read this short story

The other day I was sitting with a friend helping him with some Recruitment Analysis Dashboard

Friend : Hey can we also see the demographics by position applied for ?

Me : (doing while I was saying it) So let’s add position in the Inputs Sheet and covert this into a Table, now let’s refresh our Pivot and add a slicer on Positions Field and apply our sexy formatting on it and stack it in our Dashboard!

Done! Dude check this now..

Friend : (with his jaw dropping) Man, you are fast. I love the speed

Sorry, I dint mean to brag at all :D. If you have stayed with me for a while you know this is easy, no brainer stuff.

Today let’s exchange some speed tricks and make each other a hell lot faster and to do that I need your help. Here is the plan!


I want YOU to write for Goodly!

Over the last few years I have written a ton of articles and the more unique problems I solve (or struggle with) I realize that I can’t ever write all the awesostuff on my own.

I can just write what I know, so I need you


Share your favourite time saving (productivity) hacks

  1. No matter what kind of work you do on Excel I am sure you must have developed a pattern of getting the work done faster.
  2. In the comments section please write your favourite Excel Shortcuts, tricks, hacks that help you go back home early 🙂
  3. The DOs
    • Put down your ideas clearly in the comments
    • Even links to other websites (in case the trick is longer) is absolutely fine
    • Share as many tricks as you want. Length no bar!
  4. The DONT’s
    • Don’t copy and paste a list of shortcuts (especially if you don’t use them)
    • Don’t think that your trick is too menial or unworthy. If it helps you get your work done, please please please put it down in the comments. It could save someone’s life 😀


Here is what I’ll do..

My target is to curate a 100 speed tricks and create a pdf and roll it out to you guys by the 20th of this month. And even before you ask.. Yes I will give you the credit if you contribute here

If you are too enthusiastic about Excel and have a ton of stuff to share. Please write an email to me at [email protected]


The comments area is waiting for you 😉


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