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Ranking Data Based on 2 Conditions

I recently came across an interesting question to find ranks based on 2 conditions. Let me explain the case and solution..

Assume this data!

Ranking Data Based on 2 Conditions 2

Ranking Conditions

We are supposed to rank this data based on the following creteria

  • A player gets a higher rank, if his score is higher than others
  • In case there is a tie in the score then check the weight of the player. The lower weighted player gets a higher rank
  • If there is a tie between score and the weight, both players get the same rank and the next rank is skipped!


For Eg. There is tie in the score for player B, C & D
Ranking Data Based on 2 Conditions 3

  • Since B has the least weight he gets rank 1
  • C & D also have a tie in weight get the same rank i.e 2
  • The next rank is skipped


Here is my solution..

Ranking Data Based on 2 Conditions 4

Quick Explanation

  • The Rank function calculates the rank based on the score
  • The Sumproduct checks for 2 conditions
    • Are there any ties in the scores in the entire range ?
    • How many players who met the first condition have weight more than the current player (row) ?


DOWNLOAD THE SOLVED FILE FROM BELOW – it also includes the PowerQuery solution

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    How would you solve it?

    I am curious to know how would you solve this and even more curious if you could do this via powerquery



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