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The Ulimate Vlookup Guide 1A lot beyond conventional VLOOKUP

“Knowing VLookup is cool but just knowing Vlookup is awful”


Most people early on in their “Excel” journey learn VLOOKUP which is cool, but unfortunately they don’t advance from there to learn a ton a cool and amazing things that lookup formulas can perform.

This (16 paged) guide will teach you a lot beyond the conventional VLOOKUP.


What is covered in this Guide

  • PART 1 Setting up the Basics – Getting started with the usual Vlookup & Hlookup and a couple of interesting tricks around them
  • PART 2 Advanced Lessons and Applications – This part covers more advanced topics like Vlookup automation, speed tricks, lookup add-ins available and some advanced lookup formulas
  • PART 3 Vlookup Variations – The last part teaches you interesting variations to the Vlookup formula and how can you make use of them in your daily work




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