Watch Window in Excel0

Watch windows are an amazing way to keep track of cells. Here is a quick example

Consider this data in Sheet1

Watch Window in Excel1

And in Sheet 2

We have the total and average of those 150 records. We can have the total and average under the records itself in Sheet1 but let’s assume for some weird reason we have them in Sheet2

Watch Window in Excel2


Keeping track of Total & Average each time the value changes

Now each time the individual loan value changes you either have to memorize the total or link it to a Sheet1. A quick alternative would be to add a watch window to the cells that contain total and average in Sheet2

The watch window option is placed in the Formulas Tab

Watch Window in Excel3

Now Add a Watch to the Cells

Just click the Add Button and select the cells which you want to track. The good thing is that you can link cells from other excel workbooks too :mrgreen: Now as and when the loan value changes the watch window will show you the updated total and average!

Watch Window in Excel4

This little tool is insanely helpful in Financial Modeling, or while making Dashboards where you want to keep a track of certain cells and how their value is changing. Have you used the Watch Window before? Share with me !


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