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Excel VBA Keyboard Shortcuts1

One of the most dreadful things that I find about VBA is its environment. All that you have got is a blank space and your skill to put down the logic in the form of a code.. Phew!!

In order to be a bit more comfortable (and productive) with the VBA environment, one of the first things that I laid my hands on were the VBA Keyboard Shortcuts. I won’t lie, I am still learning them

I have put together a list 60+ VBA Shortcuts that will boost your speed and productivity while using VBA. Be it editing the code, debugging it, navigating the VB window or accessing far off options in the menu bar.. its all in here


Here is the List

Download the 60+ VBA Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

The shortcuts are organised under following sections

  • Navigation in VBA
  • Selection in VBA
  • Accessing Menus and Options in VBA
  • Editing in VBA


Need More Shortcuts ?

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    What are your favorite shortcuts in VBA?

    If you have a couple of VBA shortcuts that you can't live without, please share them using comments. Also if you have found an indispensable shortcut in the list please do recommend to other readers as well


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