Most often we merge the cells when we have to center align a headline between a few cells… don’t we? Which is fine, but the problem occurs when you are writing formulas

Alternative to Merge Cells

We have product code and quantity displayed over 3 days (in merged cells). The Problem arises when you write formulas on the cells merged! 

Alternative to Merge Cells1

Now here you won’t be able to refer to the cell address G3 in your formula unless you type the cell address , which is a pain! 😕


An Alternative: Center Across Selection!

Alternative to Merge Cells2

  1. Select the cells where you want to center align the headline
  2. Go to Format Cells Dialogue Box (Shortcut Ctrl + 1)
  3. In the Alignment Tab, pick the horizontal alignment as ‘Center Across Selection’
  4. Done! The cells won’t merge and still the text will be center aligned

This helps in keeping the cells separate and easily refer them in our formulas


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