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From the last 45 days or so I got myself drowned with so much work that I had no time to keep up to my blogging schedule. If you happened to stop by my blog, I know I would have disappointed you.

Let me make it up to you.

A while ago I wrote a short e-book on some advanced excel tactics which I never published (don’t ask why!). In the last few days, I tidied it up, added some exercises and practice files along and of-course made it look pretty!

Here is what it has got!

This book is divided into 9 parts that talk about various advanced concepts and explain how to integrate them with one another

  1. Advanced Formulas
  2. Array Formulas
  3. Excel Tables
  4. Advanced Filter
  5. Advanced Cell and Range Naming
  6. Form Controls
  7. Pivot Tables
  8. Custom Formatting and Applications
  9. Sheet Protection


And along side I have put together some practice spreadsheets for you to get your hands dirty.


How to use this e-book!

This is NOT one of those fiction novels that you lay back with.

  1. You wanna become solid with Excel, you’ve got to practice
  2. To start with download the ebook
  3. Practice all the exercises yourself and play along with the excel files that come along
  4. Needless to say, please do ask questions if any


And finally, Download it !

Yeah Bro, its free! 😀





Want More?

Over the last few months I have written a few other e-books

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  2. Ulimate Vlookup Guide
  3. Improve the Look and Feel of your Dashboards
  4. Download all my Dashboards and Visualizations (Excel files)


Excel Courses

Looking to acquire top-notch excel skills? Please do check out my courses

  1. Master Excel Step by Step
  2. Business Intelligence Dashboards using Excel


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