A common practice to copy & paste in excel is to use Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+P) Shortcuts. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+P at the first glance look hassle free, but life would be better off with an even more smarter trick

Use Ctr + D to copy down

Copying down in Excel

To copy to the right  use Ctrl + R

Copying Right in Excel

Some guidance regarding Ctrl R and Ctrl D

  1. Unfortunately we don’t have something like Ctrl+U or Ctrl+L for copying data upwards or leftwards I think it is because of the convention that we typically work from top to bottom (downwards) or left to right (rightwards).
  2. This shortcut works for copying any kind of formatting, formulas, data or text
  3. This is a lot faster than the conventional Ctrl C & V shortcuts because it doesn’t occupy any clipboard memory of excel


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