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A while ago I got stumped by a problem somewhat like the one that I am going to share. On the face of it, it looks so simple but there is a lot going on under the hood.

See if you can you get your head around this one, Give it a shot!


Consider this table called ‘Data’

The SUMX DAX Puzzle

And these 2 measures

SumofNumber = SUM ( Data[Number] )
SUMXofNumber = SUMX ( Data, [SumofNumber] )


Question – if I make the following pivot table, what will be the result of the two measures?

The SUMX DAX Puzzle


Just one rule..

You are not allowed to recreate the 2 measures in Excel / Power BI, see the result and paste it here. You should solve this with pen-n-paper. Post your answer and the reasons for your answer in the comments.



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