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Hello there lovely fellas!!

If you and I interact on the emails you know that a few days ago, I promised you a free course on Excel Chart. This course will teach you the basics of Creating, Editing and Formatting Charts in Excel

Here are some nifty details about this course!


What will you learn in this course?

This course is divided into 3 Parts

  1. Part 1 – Building Chart Selection Skills
    • Major types of charts in Excel
    • Picking up the right chart for different types of analysis
  2. Part 2 – Chart Options & Terminologies
    • Learning the correct terminologies that Excel used for Charts
    • Learning the different charting options (tools and tabs) available in Excel
  3. Part 3 – Charting Tricks and Formatting
    • Charting speed tricks to work a lot faster
    • Best chart formatting practices
    • How to pick the right colour for your charts


Course Completion Deadline

I could have charged money for this course but this stuff is so simple but equally essential for a lot of people who struggle with even the fundamentals of working with Charts in Excel. So I thought that you should NOT be paying for this course.

So it is free!

But the only catch is that you have to enroll and complete this course till 21st April. Your course enrollment will automatically expire after that


How much time will you take to finish the course?

Not much! Just about an hour to complete all the lectures. In fact you have enough time to complete the course multiple times to ensure that you have learnt the material well!


Jump Right In!

Enroll in the Course

Since it is a free course you’ll NOT be asked for any credit card / payment details. You’ll be able to access the complete course as soon as you create your login 🙂


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