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Flight Schedule Dashboard

Recently while browsing I found a list of flight information for one of the most popular Indian Airlines Company (Indigo Airlines)

I thought instead of dumping this in Excel, I certainly can do a much better job of visualizing this data and I came up with this Flight Schedule Dashboard

I started with this Raw Data

Flight Schedule Dashboard 1

Which I modified and cleaned a bit to make it fit for analysis using Power Query. Take a look at a quick video and read the rest of the post for all the resources



Techniques used in the Dashboard

Flight Schedule Dashboard 2

There are 3 main parts of the Dashboard

  1. The Map Chart
    • How to Create a Map Chart – A detailed post which also contains an explaier video + downloadable map chart file. Once you learn how to plot the map, you can literally replicate this technique to almost any country
    • Location Connectors – I learnt this trick from Roberto Mensa (pretty solid guy!)
    • Dynamic Text Boxes – The text box that you see, which shows the number of flights is created using this trick
  2. The Scrolling List in Excel – You can use this technique to manage space. If you have more information to show (in a form of a table) in less space, this trick is a pure genuis
  3. Slicer Buttons


Excel version needed to play with this Dashboard

  1. If you want all the features up and running, I suggest you should have excel 2013 or above. Most functionalities should also work with Excel 2010.
  2. I also recommend you to enable macros before toying around with this Dashboard




A few other interesting dashboards

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