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How to find vector icons1

The above is just an animation (download it here) but most often we need these icons in our presentations. Although PowerPoint shapes does allow you to draw these icons but why do the extra work if they are readily available on the internet.. All you need to learn is how to dig them .. ?

Shall we get started ??



How to find vector icons2

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  1. Now think of a keyword (something relevant for an icon), let’s say Mobiles or Cake or Stocks or Business … anything
  2. Just add the word ‘Vector Icon‘ after your keyword. Google will find all the relevant vectors for your keyword
  3. You need to clean some icons a bit for which you can use the PowerPoint Crop Option or Windows Snipping Tool (my preferred)


More on Vector Icons

  • Download some good vector icons from down below
  • Learn how to create vector icons in PowerPoint [Video]

Do you use vector icons, share your experiences using comments?

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