Make your Vlookup Robust

Typical technical (Excel) interview happens like this

  • To Be Boss : “How would you rate yourself in Excel ?”
  • You (thinking, I guess I am pretty good) : “I’ll rate myself 8”

Alright Alright.. guess the next question

  • To Be Boss : “Do you know Vlookup ? “
  • You (hah!) : “I’ll know Robust VLOOKUPs”
  • To Be Boss (a bit scared now) : “Alright, you are hired, but you’ll have to teach me as well” 


Today, I am going to take your VLOOKUP skills and make them more robust. Take a look at a short video [10 mins]



Download The Ultimate VLOOKUP Guide

The Ulimate Vlookup Guide 1

The guide contains tricks and tips beyond the conventional VLOOKUP and it’s free – DOWNLOAD THE ULTIMATE VLOOKUP GUIDE (pdf)


Other Resources to help you conquer VLookup

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