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Manage Multiple Slicers in a Dashboard

Very often while making a complex dashboard you would find yourself using multiple slicers to slice and dice the data in multiple ways. But the only drawback could be managing space to fit all of them on the screen!

Let’s see a smart work around for that


Assume this data for 2 business websites..

Manage Multiple Slicers in a Dashboard 2

Nothing too significant – just 3 things – Date, Unique Visitors on the Most Viewed Page


Here is a video on how to manage multiple slicers..


The Code used in the Dashboard

 ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array('Page', 'Date')).ZOrder msoBringToFront
End Sub

 ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array('Page 1', 'Date 1')).ZOrder msoBringToFront
End Sub

You can change the text in bold and blue to the name of your slicers and can assign the macros to a button/objects

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