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Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Template



I am super stoked to share with you a new template that I have put together, a Recruitment Tracker Dashboard. This is a plug and play template, you input your data into a simple excel file and voila you’ll get sleek, sophisticated and insightful Dashboard ready in minutes.

If you are a recruitment manager, you’ll love it!

Recruitment Dashboard Template – Video Tour

The Dashboard comprises of 3 key analysis segments.

  1. Positions Overview – Broad insights about the position details and the ability to drill into Interviews and Cost.
  2. Candidate Interviews – Detailed interview analysis for each candidate including the interview stages.
  3. Recruitment Cost Analysis – Detailed cost analysis + performance of hiring channels and the cost of subscription services.

Screen 1 - Recruitment Position Analysis

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Positions Screen

Demo Recruitment Dashboard

The Objective of this screen is to give you a “30,000 feet” view of most important Recruitment Metrics in one snapshot, including the ability to filter and deep dive into the key elements of the Dashboard.

Key Metrics – Positions, Hires Completed, Balance Hires, % Completion, Offered but not joined, Hiring Cost, Applications, Hire Days v/s Target Hire Days, Backed and Rejected.

Key Features

  • Filter all the metrics by – Level, Recruiter, Business, Department and Location.
  • Positions and Hiring Trend till date.
  • Drill down to see all the interviews/applications for a particular position.
  • KPIs- Hiring Completed, Under or Over Hired.
  • Segregation of Open Positions in Bands – 0-30 Days, 31-60 days and so on.

Screen 2 – Interview / Application Analysis

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Interviews Screen

Demo Recruitment Dashboard

The Objective of this screen is to deep dive into candidate level interview metrics + analyze the recruitment stage funnel.

Key Metrics – Some Metrics are carried forward from the Overview Sheet, the additional ones are – Last CTC and CTC Offered, CTC Growth, Delta from the Average CTC, Cost of each hire.

Key Features and Visuals

  • Applications and Hires from different sources.
  • Trend for Applications and Hires till date.
  • Applications at each stage of the Interview Process.
  • Candidates joined until the current period.

Screen 3 – Recruitment Cost Analysis

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Cost Screen Revised

Demo Recruitment Dashboard

The Objective of this screen is provide an in depth cost analysis for direct recruitment cost (consultants, employee referrals etc..) and indirect cost (cost of portal subscriptions).

Key Metrics – Candidate Hire Cost, Indirect Portal / Service Cost, Hire Cost / Candidate, Hire to Application Ratio.

Key Features and Visuals

  • Breakdown of Hiring Cost by Business, Hiring Source etc..
  • Analysis of Portal / Service Cost (Subscription Value, Utilized and Balance Value, Hiring Efficiency etc..)
  • Analysis of Direct Hiring Cost by each Requisition.

Recruitment Data used in the Dashboard

To give you a near real time look and feel of the Dashboard, I created dummy data to plug into the Dashboard. Needless to say when the dummy data gets replaced with your actual data, all these metrics will self update and help you analyse your recruitment process.

Let me first show you the architecture of the Dashboard (how the data flows in the Dashboard) and then let’s take a tour of the excel file used as Back-end Data.


Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Dashboard Architecture The data flows from a single excel file (that you’ll have to maintain) into the Power BI (template) and updates all the data massaging, calculations / analysis and visuals.

The only thing – you strictly need to maintain the data in the desired format, rest is automated! 😎

There are 3 Key Data Sources – notice the columns in each

  1. Recruitment Positions Data
  2. Candidate Interviews
  3. Subscription Cost Details (for Portals, Databases etc).

Recruitment Positions Data Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Positions Data Candidate Interviews Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Interview Data Subscription Cost Details

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Subscription Cost


Implementing the Recruitment Dashboard for your Own Company

Once you have the data ready, you can plug it into the Dashboard and start using it for your own recruitment analysis. Now that you have seen the Dashboard, you can ask yourself 2 quick questions.

  1. Did you like the Analysis + Visuals presented in the Dashboard?
  2. Can you collect and maintain the data in the desired format?

If the answer to the above question is YES, go for it, you won’t regret a dime you spent on this template!


Requirements for Setting up Recruitment Dashboard 

  1. You need to have the latest Power BI Desktop. It’s free – you can download it here
  2. And of course Excel 2007 or above version to maintain the back end data (excel files)
  3. You’ll need a windows computer to setup this Dashboard. Power BI doesn’t work on a Mac 🙁

Purchase Recruitment + L&D Dashboard Bundle

Recruitment Tracker Dashboard - Combo Offer New

  • Lifetime access for both Templates (Recruitment Dashboard + L&D Dashboard – Pro Version)
  • Back up files and configuration guides for both Dashboards

Taxes extra, if applicable.

Bundle of 2 Templates - $ 189

Purchase Recruitment Dashboard Template

Recruitment Dashboard Thumbnail

Once you purchase the recruitment template you’ll be

  • Directed to a secure login.
  • Where you can download the template and back-end files.
  • You’ll also have the lifetime access to detailed video guides on configuring & customizing the dashboard.

Taxes extra, if applicable.

Recruitment Dashboard Template - $ 129

What do customers say...

The layout was useful to map my data and display the required dashboard metrics in a jiffy.
 – Mathura Janani (Mumbai)

I want to thank Chandeep for his Dashboard. I was in a tough spot with trying to create a tracking mechanism for the HR team (large not for profit in NYC). I reached out to Chandeep and he saved the day!

Thank you for your responsiveness and attention to my issue. I look forward to working with you again.

 – Donna Jean (New York)

Have Questions?

I am sure you have! Probably many. I have compiled a list of FAQs. The comments are open and I don’t want your questions to go un-answered.

Option 1 - Template Bundle (Recruitment + L&D) - $ 189
Option 2 - Recruitment Dashboard Template Only - $ 129

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