This plug-n-play template will create an automated Sales and Membership Dashboard from your Teachable Data in seconds



Teachable Dashboard Tour


This Dashboard has 2 Screens (Parts)

  1. Teachable Sales and Earning Analysis
  2. Membership Analysis – If you are collecting recurring payments on Teachable



Screen 1 - Teachable Sales & Earning Analysis

Teachable Sales and Membership Dashboard

See how the Sample Dashboard looks

Objective is to give you a one page view of your Customers, Revenue, Deductibles and final Earnings in a single screen for each month.

  • Key Metrics – No of Paying Customers, Total & Net Revenue, Deductibles (refunds, commissions etc..) Earnings / Profit, Growth in Revenue from Last Month
  • Key Features
    • Filters and Cross Filters – Clicking on the chart elements enables filters across the entire Dashboard
    • Add / Remove Filters.
    • Add / Remove Visuals.



Screen 2 - Membership Analysis

Teachable Membership Dashboard

See how the Sample Dashboard looks

Objective is to give you a one page view of your Current Members, Members Lost & Acquired, MRR and Refund numbers for each month.

  • Key Metrics – Members New and Lost, Full and Partial Refunds, MRR
  • Key Features
    • Member Tally Table for each month
      • Members at Start
      • + New
      • – Lost
      • – Refunded Members
      • = Current Members
    • Monthly MRR = Current Members x Course Price
    • Ability to download the Members data for New, Lost, Refunds, and Partial Refunds



Dashboard Data and Architecture

The data behind the dashboard comes from your teachable account.

Download Teachable Sales Data

  1. You need to login to your teachable account
  2. Go to the Sales section, then go to Transactions
  3. Click on Export CSV (top right corner)


It’s a really simple Dashboard Architecture..

Teachable Dashboard Architecture


The only 3 things that you need are..

  1. A Windows Computer. I am sorry but this template doesn’t work on IOS
  2. You need Power BI Desktop installed in your PC – Download here for free! (it’s free no catch)
  3. This Power BI Template



Buy Teachable Dashboard Template

Once your payment is complete you’ll get access to the following

  1. Dashboard Template
  2. Further Instructions to set up the Dashboard

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