Although almost all my blog posts have some or the other companion file (which is downloadable), but I am exclusively creating this page for some of the rich guides (pdfs) and resources that I have published over time.

I’ll make sure to keep updating the list so be sure to bookmark this page!

happy downloading 😀


E-books and Guides

  1. Excel & PowerPoint Smart Tips e-books
  2. Ultimate Vlookup Guide
  3. Improve the Look and Feel of your Dashboards
  4. Advanced Excel Ebook (+ Practice Files)
  5. Download Power Query Tip Card
  6. DAX and Data Modeling Tip Cards
  7. Pick up the Right Chart – Game
  8. Pick up the Right Chart – Solutions
  9. Pick up the Right Chart – Guide


Short & Long courses

  1. Mastering DAX Course (Paid) – A comprehensive course to learn DAX step by step and solve real time problems in Power BI.
  2. Power Query Course (Paid) – Learn to automate simple to complex repetitive tasks using Power Query in Excel or in Power BI.
  3. Master Excel Step by Step (Paid) – An easy to follow, step by step course to help you build rock solid skills in MS Excel
  4. Business Intelligence Dashboards using Excel (Paid) – Learn to make Beautiful, Interactive and Insightful Business Dashboards using Excel
  5. Excel in 2 Mins (Videos) – I often record videos on my phone and share them with my friends about some nifty excel tricks, these are far from sophisticated but they are quick and fun.
  6. Classy Power Point Animations and Speed Tricks – Incidentally one other skills that I’m good at is PowerPoint. This short course will teach you how to work fast with PowerPoint. And instead of using random (and stupid) animations, how can you make them classier and improve the message and comprehension of your presentation.
  7. Download Classy PPT Samples – Download a couple of classy sample presentations and peruse over design, look n feel, the use of  animations and story boarding. You’ll learn a lot better once you see a good presentation rather following the archaic “5 words on a slide” rules.
  8. Pivot Table Short Course – In this 2 hour course on Pivot tables I’ll cover almost all important aspect about Pivot Tables.
  9. My Webinars – are a great place to learn about Modern Excel – Power Query, DAX and Power BI


Dashboard and Visualizations

  1. You can download all my Excel Dashboards here
  2. You can see all my Power BI / Power Pivot Dashboards here
  3. I am sure, I must have forgotten to link some or the other dashboard kept in some nook and corner. Please browse around honey 🙂



I have created a few interesting paid and free templates

  1. Learning & Development Dashboard– Paid
  2. Recruitment Dashboard – Paid
  3. Invoice and Payment Management Tracker – Paid
  4. Calendar Dashboard
  5. Paytm Dashboard



  1. How to Master Keyboard Shortcuts -Reading
  2. 100+ Excel Shortcuts
  3. PowerPoint Shortcuts
  4. Ctrl Alt and Shift Shortcuts in PowerPoint
  5. Excel Shortcuts for Mac Users
  6. VBA Shortcuts
  7. Financial Modeling Shortcuts
  8. Fill Handle Shortcuts – Reading
  9. DAX (Power BI) Keyboard Shortcuts


Formulas & Functions


Let me know if you have any problems with any of the downloads and of course drop in a comment for your feedback


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