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A while ago I trained a bunch of professionals on How to make Business Intelligence Dashboards, and trust me the training was mutual (two way). They were smart, sharp, stumped me with there questions, so I became a bit smarter and learnt a few things while solving their doubts in trail and error

Here is our work – We made this Dashboard from raw data in the session.. take a look

HR Dashboard Front

This is the overall view of the Dashboard which depicts different analysis points like Band, Dept and Experience wise analysis. Additionally it has a map which plots different locations and compares any two locations on some critical parameters

This is the Search View of the Dashboard

Dashboard Back

It has the capability to let you scroll through the entire list of employee data base or perform a search based on Employee Name or Emp ID. The good thing about the name search is that it pull out all records of employees matching the name 🙂

Some techniques used in the Dashboard

Download the HR Dashboard here from down below It unlocked and free!! 🙂

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    A Human Resource Dashboard

    Send me your reviews about the Dashboard

    I would be happy to know if I can improve on this further or at best please share your ideas to make it more robust and sexy..


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