Recently while analyzing my site data, I wanted to find out – How many new subscribers are joining my email list each month? This seems like a very simple DISTINCTCOUNT of Subscribers but it’s not… okay that was a hint!

Ready for the Challenge ?


Consider this Dummy Data

2 Simple Columns – Date and Subscriber ID

Calculate New Subscribers Added - DAX Challenge


  1. Subscriber ID is a unique subscriber identifier.
  2. A Subscriber can opt-in multiple times, hence can be present on multiple dates.


The Problem

I’d like to calculate how many new subscribers are joining my email list each month. A Subscriber is considered new when it appears for the first time in the data. Side Note – The solution to this problem can also be replicated on New Customers Added

The expected output should be a simple table with 2 columns Month and New Subscribers Added



  1. Feel free to create a Date Table if needed.
  2. No helper columns and tables only measures are allowed.
  3. Post your answers in the comments.



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