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Recently I came across a website that is streaming live Corona Virus data across the Globe. I thought it would interesting to pull it into Power BI and make sense of it.

Here is how the Corona Virus Tracker Dashboard looks like..

Corona Virus Tracker Dashboard

  • Some Key Stats on the top – Total Cases, Deaths, Last Refresh etc..
  • A mouse hover on a country shows more details – Cases, Deaths, Recovered, Key Ranks and Percentages
  • Data Source –


A Short Video!


If you so wish you can

Needless to say that I deem no responsibility for this data and its use. I created this just to educate you about the use of Power BI. Where ever you are.. stay safe!


Updated on 29 March 2020

Since the source data has undergone a few changes I have made quite a few changes in the Dashboard. Here is how it looks now.

Corona Virus Dashboard


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