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Before I proceed to explain the nuts and bots of the dashboard, I don’t want you to be luring to see it until I end. Without further ado, take a look at



The thought of making a Digital Wallet Tracker Dashboard (esp on Paytm) occurred a year ago but then you know the lazy me! It’s now when I feel a lot more confident with Power BI and writing DAX, I finally got it done..

Remember the good saying: Better Late Than Never


Part 1 – How the Dashboard Works

In this video I’ll show you a quick overview of the Paytm Dashboard, its features and utilities. Enjoy


Part 2 – The Data

The good thing is that Paytm allows you to extract your own wallet data. But 2 bad things..

    1. You can only get it for last 1 year but there is a hard workaround that problem
    2. They don’t give all the data. But we can scrap that from their website




Part 3 – Dashboard Mechanics and Replicating it with your own Data

In this quick video, I’ll give you a tour of the technical aspects and how can you replicate this for your own data



In case you missed the link earlier. Here are 2 of them



I would love to hear your suggestions and comments about how did you find the Dashboard? Also hit me up in the comments in case you have any questions


Some More Power BI and Power Pivot Visuals..

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