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In this tutorial I’ll share with you that how can you dynamically rename the column headers in Power Query. Once in a while you’ll run into situations where you’ll need dynamic headers (controlled by the user) in your data.

Let’s see how can we get this done!


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Consider this Simple Table..

Dynamic Column Names in Power Query

and the user should be able to rename the existing headers to new ones using this table

Dynamic Column Names in Power Query

Let’s load both these tables to Power Query!


Renaming Column Headers

For the moment I am going to rename the columns manually by double clicking on the column headers and changing the names

  • Date to Invoice Date
  • Customer to Client

You’ll see that a new step “Renamed Columns” got inserted with the following code.

Dynamic Column Names in Power Query

= Table.RenameColumns(#'Changed Type',{{'Date','Invoice Date'},{'Customer','Client'}})

If you carefully take a look at the code you’ll notice a few things

  1. The formula Table.RenameColumns accepts two inputs
    • Table Name – Which should be considered for renaming columns. #”Changed Type”
    • Column Names to be renamed and the Revised Names in the form of List of Lists in curly { } brackets – Each list should have 2 parts – Existing Column Name and the New Column Name {“Customer”,”Client”}
  2. Watch carefully each column renamed is a list (in curly brackets)
  3. And all the columns renamed form a single list – they all get surrounded by a curly bracket at the start and the end {{“Date”,”Invoice Date”},{“Customer”,”Client”}}
  4. The manually written column names is what we have to make dynamic.

If you don’t know what a list is – A list is a single columnar data and you’ll find it in curly brackets


Creating a Dynamic Column Name List

Now let’s go to the table which contains the headers (existing and new ones)

Dynamic Column Names in Power Query

All is good but 2 problems

  1. As of now Existing Col and New Col are 2 separate column whereas I need a list (with a single column)
  2. This is a table, where as I need a list with sub-lists in it.

Let’s add a transpose step and I get this!

Dynamic Column Names in Power Query

You can see that now I have 3 columns which contains 2 values {“existing column name”, “new column name”} but yet this is not a list so let’s make that!

In the Advanced Editor (View tab), let’s make a few changes to our query

Dynamic Column Names in Power Query

and I have added one new line of M code (along with a few syntactical changes in yellow), which is row 5

CreateList = Table.ToColumns(#'Transposed Table')

This code allows me to convert the table into a single list with sub list for each column, just as the way I wanted 🙂

Dynamic Column Names in Power Query

Now let’s feed this Headers Query to Table.RenameColumns formula


Creating Dynamic Column Names

I’ll now simple plug the Headers into my Table.RenameColumn formula this way

Dynamic Column Names in Power Query

  1. Headers – is nothing but the transformed query which contains a List of Existing and New Columns
  2. MissingField.Ignore – is the 3rd and optional input which allows me to skip the columns that I have not renamed without getting an error

That’s it and we are done! Now when the user inputs a new column name in the table, the query shall reflect the change!


CAUTION – Any further step after this step, that hard codes the column name in the formula will tank the query. So make sure that this is last step of the query.



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