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Fill Handle Shortcuts in Excel

Personally speaking.. I am keyboard fan and always endorse it over mouse, but every once in a while especially while creating some dummy data I use the fill handle in excel


Here are some pretty awesome fill handle shortcuts that I have learnt along the way!


Using the fill handle you can!

Fill Months : Just write Jan/January (the case doesn’t matter) and drag it down

Fill Months using Fill Shortcuts


Fill Days of the Week : Write Mon/Monday (again the case doesn’t matter) and drag it down

Fill Days using Fill Shortcut


Fill Dates : Write a date and drag it down to get a series of progressive dates

Fill Dates using Fill Shortcut


Fill any sequence that has numbers : You can write anything that starts or ends with a number and excel will nicely fill it up with progressive numbers

Fill sequence using fill shortcut


Fill Quarters : Write Q1/Qtr1/Quarter1 (again the case doesn’t matter) and drag it down

Fill Quarters using fill shortcut


Fill Quarters along with Years: While filling quarter with years, make sure that the quarter number comes first (1 Qtr / 1 Q) and then write the year after that (1 Qtr 2016)

  1. Notice the space – 1Q/1 Q (both will work fine)
  2. In between the Quarter and the year you can have any character : a space, colon stroke etc.. (1Q 2016/ 1Q-2016)

Fill Quarters and Yrs


Fill by holding the Ctrl Key

Fill Serial Numbers: Excel somehow does not fill the numbers just by dragging so hold the Ctrl Key while dragging

Fill Serial Numbers using fill shortcut


Drag Fill Handle by Right click

Fill Weekdays Only : By dragging using right click excel provides a couple of options to choose from – Weekdays, Months, and Years

Fill Weekdays


Fill Linear Numbers : You can even click on Series and fill linear series at a step value

Linear Fill


Fill Exponential Numbers : Just as linear series you can fill exponential numbers

Exponential Fill


Which ones are your favorites?

I am sure I might have missed out some, if you use the fill handle tricks please add yours to the comments and let me know which ones did you like the most ?


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