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Infographics Chart in Excel
The source of inspiration for this chart came when Shuttershock was charging me for downloading a¬†similar infographic chart. I din’t buy, I am thrifty ūüėČ It helped me save a couple of bucks and also come up with a way to make an infographic chart in Excel

Let’s do this together! Shall we?


Assume this Data

Infographics Chart in Excel 2--> 15 Yrs of Passing Rates


Let’s break down the logic

Infographics Chart in Excel 3

I’ll list down the functionality and things we would need to make this chart

  1. We would need an year drop down¬†–¬†¬†we can do that with data validation, list feature
  2. We would to need color human icons in the chart (depending on the year selected) РMaking a chart which can dynamically highlight human icons is something that I will show you in this post


Let’s setup the back end

Infographics Chart in Excel 4

We need hundred icons (just a ball park figure for easier calculations) and from these 100 icons some will be highlighted and the rest will remain in grey

Here are the back end calculations for 2 columns (X Axis and Y Axis)

Infographics Chart in Excel 5

  1. X Axis (Horizontal) – Since there are 10 Icons in a row, we need numbers from 1-10, repeated 10 times (for 10 rows)
  2. Y Axis (Vertical) – Since every row¬†should be equidistant from one another, we need some incremental numbers to set the icons apart. In this case we’ll start from 2 and increment by 3 after every 10 records


Calculations for the Number of Icons to be Highlighted

Apart from the X & Y Axis we would also need a calculation for counting the number of icons to be highlighted.

Infographics Chart in Excel 6

Here is a logical explanation of the above formula

  1. The count formula is calculating when do we hit 95 records. Notice that we have locked $C$103, just to ensure a decreasing count down
  2. The If Formula is returning #N/A for 5 records (100 minus 95) which are not supposed to be highlighted and values for the rest 95 records
  3. The number of icons to be highlighted will come from a data validation drop down, which will be linked to the year selected. As of now for simplicity, I have just picked up a random number (i.e. 95)


Now its time to make the Chart

Infographics Chart in Excel 7

Infographics Chart in Excel 8

  1. Select the X & Y axis Data (not headings)
  2. And Choose Scatter Chart
  3. You’ll get the scatter chart with dots


Let’s Customize the Dots to Human Icons

If you are not aware about this technique, I suggest you to read how to customize markers in a chart

Infographics Chart in Excel 9

For this chart I already have the human icons made. [Related : Learn to draw a Human Icon : Video] We are just going to copy that to our chart


Finally adding the highlighting dummy to the Chart

Infographics Chart in Excel 10

  1. Copy and Paste the highlighted data into the chart
  2. Customize the dots with the yellow human icon
  3. Reverse the Horizontal Axis. (Format Axis --> Values in Reverse Order)

All you have got to do now is to format the chart a bit and you are good to go!


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    Coming up in Part 2

    We’ll see that how can we customize a single icon to show percentages. Can you guess how can we make it?

    Infographics Chart in Excel 11

    Infographics Charts in Excel – Part 2


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