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The other day during my web browsing (web window shopping) sessions, I stumbled upon a Charting animation from The Economist that used IMF data to show how the top 3 economies of the World have been changing over time. This (below) is what they published


My Opinion on this Chart

  • I found this chart difficult to read because of the Indirect Color Labels (refer the color bar first and then look up for the country name)
  • Also it becomes really difficult if I want to see how India or US has performed over the time?

So I thought of redoing this in Excel and here is a my reworked Chart. Check it out, it is pretty interesting!!



How I reworked on this Chart

  1. The first step was simple, it was just collecting the data. I looked at the Chart and assumed closest numbers for each data point
  2. Jotting down the problem areas. There were 2 of them
    • Remove the Indirect labeling (somehow)
    • Create a provision for a Country Wise View
  3. I quickly drew a Mock Chart (here is a little hand drawing!!) Although this is the 3rd iteration before I finally finalized the on this structure!
    • World
    • It is always a best practice to do a mock chart first.. it saves a lot of rework and give a lot of mental clarity. Now I knew what I wanted, it was all about crunching the numbers and making the chart!
  4. Data Crunching and Finishing – Crunched the numbers and formatted the Chart

Download the reworked Economist Chart from Down Below. I have clearly laid out the calculations and logic, it is pretty easy to follow along!

    ⬇️ Pop in your Name & Email to get the file!

    Resources and Tips

    Here are some related awesome resources for you to follow along!

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    Some more amazing Charting resources for you!

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    Please Share you Comments!

    Please let me know what you think about this chart. Also If you would like to know how I did it, please leave a comment and I’ll post a detailed video tutorial on it! Cheers!


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