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Infographic Chart in Excel Part 2

In Part 2 of Infograhic Charts, I’ll share with you to create this interesting infograhic in Excel. Here we have a single human icon, which dynamically gets filled depending on the value chosen in the drop down

Here is how it is created..


Let’s deconstruct this Chart first..

Infographic Chart in Excel Part 2 - 2

Nice Illusion.. isn’t it ? Here is what is happening

  1. A dummy (human) shape of the same size is neatly placed on top of a stacked column chart
  2. The human shape is transparent and the outside region is filled with white color. Notice when I color it yellow

So we need 2 things to create a chart like this

  1. A Stacked Chart – That is simple you can create it
  2. Need a human shape which is hollow from inside


Watch How to Create a Transparent Human Shape in PowerPoint

Now you can simply copy and paste the hollow (human) Infographic in Excel


Create the Stacked Chart

Infographic Chart in Excel Part 2 - 2

Note that the stacked chart has 2 parts

  1. In Blue – Glucose Levels
  2. In Grey –  The Empty Part


All that you have to do now is to carefully place the hollow (human) infographic shape on top of the stacked chart and you are done 🙂 Make sure that the human shape is white in color


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