Numbers in words

I have got this request a zillion times: How can I convert a number into Indian Currency?¬†Ok not a zillion times but at least a 100 times ūüėõ In the pain¬†of those countless minutes spent in¬†manually typing (which is also prone to mistakes) the¬†numbers into words, I hereby present a Macro (VBA Code, which is not mine)! Simple, Quick and Sexy!

Ready for it?

Numbers in words2

  1. Here is the Macro [Download the text file]
  2. Open excel (blank workbook) or the file in which you want to incorporate words from numbers
  3. Use the shortcut keys ALT + F11 to open the VBA Window
  4. Insert a Module from the Insert Drop Down in the Menu Bar
  5. In the empty space paste the code and close the VBA Window
  6. Now use the =SpellNumber function to convert any number in to Indian Currency Words




Caution: Now that your file contains a Macro you would have to save the file as Macro Enabled File (with extension .xlsm)


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