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Hi Guys, I recently finished working on a consulting project (a business presentation) for an MNC. I’d like to share some cool tips that I used while making the presentation

Tip 1. Creating Focus with Fades

Often helpful when you want to stage out the information in the slide

Recent Consutling Project1


In the above slide I wanted to first talk about the services and then draw the attention completely to the infrastructure setup required


Tip 2. Explain Models and Processes with Info Graphic Icons – They really do the trick !

I urge you to get rid of dreaded flowcharts and rigid smart art (which is not smart). Try using infographic icons to explain your message.. for instance I’ll give you a glimps of 3 slides where I used them to explain the business model


Business of a typical print center

  • Where organisations give you work
  • Your computer operators work on machines
  • And these organisations are reached out by your sales force. It is clear .. isn’t it?

Recent Consutling Project2 A still of a company that develops apps

  • Where students can buy question papers online
  • And coaching institutes can place there papers on the app for sale

Recent Consutling Project4

A still of a cab company

  • That runs owned cabs
  • Has a small call center
  • And the drivers earn some daily revenue

Recent Consutling Project3


Tip 3. Create timelines for business history & future

I find it awesome and incredibly simple to explain via timelines that how the business/project/company has evolved over time. Take a look

Recent Consutling Project5


Tip 4. Use moving dots to mark places on the map

I used this again for yet another client of mine.  Also refer to my old work (slightly different, which explains this technique)

Recent Consutling Project6

Tip 5. I have said it earlier but will say it again

Be strict in using animations. Use them to enhance your message and making it easier for the viewers to consume information. I am sure you don’t want to fly an animated superman in your business presentation 😀

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    Best Practices while making a presentation


    What are your top ideas for creating insanely good presentations, please tell me using the comments?


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