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Words come to life with images and we all do add plenty of images in our presentations. Don’t we? At times we even have to pick these images from the web.

So assume that you have to incorporate a company logo from a website into your presentation. To do this most of us would first save the image on our desktop and then import it into our presentation. Which is not bad but a bit time consuming!

Today I have for you a smart way to copy images and place it into your slides


Introducing the snipping tool!

You are on the home page. and you want to extract Goodly’s logo. All you have to do is to open the snipping tool (it is a standard windows feature and I think it is available all windows starting windows 7)

How to access the Snipping Tool

  1. Go to the start button in your Windows
  2. Start typing Snipping Tool. Windows will auto search it

Snipping Tool1 --> windows 8.1 snapshot


Once you open the Snipping tool

Snipping Tool2

  1. Click on New
  2. You’ll get a cross cursor to crop any image from the background screen
  3. Make an area around the image that you want to crop (in this case Goodly Logo)
  4. Now the selected area will appear in your snipping tool. You can then click on Copy
  5. And Paste it where ever you want

It is incredibly powerful and helps you save a ton of time in getting cropped images from the internet or wherever


An Additional Tip

Now that you have got to know about the Snipping Tool, I am sure you want to use it very often. You can pin it to your task-bar to keep it handy


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