A while ago, Chandoo wrote me an email, stating that we have won the Visualization Contest that was held in June this year! His email caused sweaty palms, spike in heart rate and obviously extreme elation!


If you have been following me all this while, then you obviously know that I participated in Chandoo’s Contest and then shared my entry (and a quick overview of how I made the Dashboard) with you folks


People behind the scenes

Thank you so much SourabhSrivats, Arihant, Ankur, Ankur, PiyushSon Singh, Chiran, Nakku for reviewing my work before submission.

Even more heartfelt thanks to people who voted, commented and even emailed me their feedback on the dashboard. Hera are a few that I can recall – Elchin, Ahmad, Abhay, Sukesh, Thomas, Luke, GraH (Guido), David, DiarmuidEfand, Dave, Rafael, Stefano, Santosh, Rishabh, Ajay, Praveen, Pinank (Side note: He is also one of the winners), Shweta.

Finally, a bit shout out to the co-winners – MF Wong, Pinank, Muguel, Gerard!


Thank you so much, I owe this to all of you. I love you!


A few relevant links that you can visit!

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  4. Final Results


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