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Pivot Table Course


Sales Dashboard View


Hey .. Wish me a Happy Birthday!

Yes, today is my Birthday and I am really happy because I am finally able to launch this Pivot Table Course and a Sales Dashboard which I would like to give you as a present. I have put in a lot of heart to make this a one stop shop comprehensive pivot table course for you and I am sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it

Outline of the Program

Here is the quick snapshot of what will you learn in the 4 part course

  • Part 1 – Getting started with Pivot Tables
  • Part 2 – Pivot Table Features and Options
  • Part 3 – Pivot Table Calculations and Automation
  • Part 4 – How to make a Dashboard with Pivot Tables and Excel Formulas

Part – 1

Notes for Part 1


Part – 2

Notes for Part 2


Part – 3

Notes for Part 3


Part – 4

Notes for Part 4


Returning back to my Birthday

Chandeep Birthday Cake




Here is the picture of the cake that we cut last night. Hey I am not making you envious .. but I have cooked this awesome course for you and I also promise to treat you whenever we meet next!



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#ResquestaaPaiyanVe!! 😉 Take Care and Have fun!


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