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Facebook Dashboard in Excel

While casually playing around with PowerQuery, I was able to connect my personal Facebook page with Excel and bring in all the data (posts, likes, comments etc..) into excel

I was like this : “Dude this is Gold!” and then the Facebook Dashboard happened !

I made a short video to take you through how did I setup the dashboard, plus some mistakes and things that I could have improved. Take a look


Application of this Dashboard

My fb stats are potentially useless for anyone (unless you are really into me 😀). But a dashboard like this has massive application for business users of Facebook (people who posts a ton of sponsored posts)

Using PowerQuery you can dynamically connect your fb data and get it in excel and model it any which way you want. It is pretty much a game changing thing for digital marketeers because I have seen most of them manually downloading excel sheets from Facebook


and finally..



You can even experiment with the dashboard by using your own login credentials and pulling in your own fb data. Let me know how did you find it by leaving a comment.


A few more Dashboards

  1. 30 Day Challenge Dashboard (created from my personal running challenge)
  2. Flight Schedule Dashboard
  3. Sales Funnel Dashboard
  4. RIO Olympics Visualization
  5. Republic Day Visualization


That is pretty much it for this day. Chao!


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