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The other day during a training program I did ‘something’ pretty usual and one of the participants bounced off his seat and asked me “how did you do that ?”

I thought may be this trick calls for a blog post, but then it is so miniscule that I had to forcefully come up with 3 more tricks to justify a blog post.

4 tricks next 2 mins.. let’s start!


#1 See unique item drop down list using ALT + Down Arrow

If you want to quickly see all the unique items in a particular column, just click on the header and press ALT + Down Arrow Key and you’ll have a mini drop down showing all uniques

Pretty nifty right 😎

simple excel tricks


Hack 2) Create quick arrows in PowerPoint / Word

For a change a quick Power Point / Word hack (and yes my focus is still excel and BI ;D)

simple excel tricks 2

  • For creating a right arrow just type --> (two hyphens and greater than sign)
  • For creating a left arrow just type <– (lesser than sign and two hyphens)


Hack 3) Press Alt while dragging the Chart

simple excel tricks 3

Press the Alt Key while dragging a Chart makes it a lot easier to align the chart to the borders of the cell


Hack 4) Alternative of Merging Cells

Believe it or not, merging is mainly used for center aligning a text. And then merged cells have a ton of issues while writing formulas. Here is a quick alternative

simple excel tricks 4

  1. Select the cells
  2. Press Ctrl + 1 to Open ‘Format Cells’ box
  3. Under Alignment Tab
  4. Select Center Across Selection
  5. Done! No Merging but the text still comes in the center


Do you have any awesome tricks that baffle people around you but are incredibly simple? Please share your awesome hacks in the comments


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