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Vanilla SUM and MAX calculations are pretty straightforward in Power BI. But every once in a while you may come across slightly twisted calculation such as find the MAX value and then SUM them. In this post, I will discuss how to find the SUM of MAX values in Power BI.


Sum of Max Values in Power BI – Video


Consider the following Data

I have Calendar, Customers and Products tables linked to the Sales table via one to many relationship.

Sum of Max Values in Power BI- Data Model

I also have a pivot table displaying the sales by year and by month.

Sum of Max Values in Power BI- Pivot Table

Now, I want to find the sales of MAX selling product each month inside the pivot table.


Calculating MAX Sales by Product for each Month.

This can be done by creating a new measure as follows: 

Winning Prod Sales =
MAXX (            
    [Total Sales] 

Dragging this measure to the pivot table, I'll be able to see the following result.

Sum of Max Values in Power BI- Winning Product Sales

The year total shows the Sales of MAX Selling product for the entire year, however, I want to the sum of all the MAX Selling Products for each Month at the total level.


Calculating SUM of MAX Values

Here is the broad logic to solve this. I need to capture monthly max values at the total level and then sum them.

To solve this I will create a new measure as follows:

SUMof MAX Sales =
SUMX (            
        SUMMARIZE (                    -- Summary table to get monthly level granularity
            MAXX (                     -- for each month calculating MAX Selling Product
                [Total Sales]

Drag this measure to the pivot table.

Sum of Max Values in Power BI- Output

Now, the pivot table will display the SUM of MAX Values at the total level.


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