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Blogging Dashboard

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It feels so awesome in writing that, Today I complete one year of active blogging on Goodly 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogs as much as I have enjoyed writing them. On this occasion rather than writing just another blog post why not do this The Dashboard Way!


One year Blogging Dashboard for Goodly

First things first, watch a short video on how the Dashboard is designed and how it works ?

Feel free to Download the dashboard and skip the story.



Writing my first ever blog post

Frankly speaking this is not my first blog my first blog was this (It looked so shabby!). I wrote about 10 odd posts and stopped writing for some lame excuse. It was actually on 19 June 2014 when I finally launched and committed to writing regularly

In the initial days most visits came from family and friends. I literally used to call each one of them and told them that I have new blog post up. This is one of my early posts which gives a due credit to everyone in my life who has helped me come up with Goodly. Thank you and I love you so much


How Traction (Users and Visits) at Goodly Picked up

I must agree that It took quite a while for the traction to pick up. 2 Major reasons for that

  1. My focus was on live training format rather than online due to which
  2. My content production rate was low

Here is how the Daily Sessions look like for the past one year

Blogging Dashboard 4 Click on the image to enlarge

Here are a few insights and reasons

  1. Starting march (till now) the avg daily traffic touched 55 + visits with an average of 44+ users. I know they are not that great numbers but definitely a progress
    • The main reason for this is that my site getting organic traffic (which every blogger prays for)
    • The email subscriptions soared (which affected direct visits) and I got a lot of compliments for the emails that I write 😛
  2. Since mid of March the blog crossed 100 + visits 9 times in contrast to just once in the period before March 2015
  3. For the last month the (May to June 2015) avg daily stats is touching 69 visits with 63 users. Again a little progress


Where all have I spread the Good(ly)ness?

Blogging Dashboard 5

As of now I would agree that Goodly is primary an India dominant site with major visits coming from New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. India accounts for about 61% of the overall visitors world wide. Here is how the top 5 visiting countries look like

Blogging Dashboard 6 --> From Google Analytics

Here is a snapshot from the Dashboard, specifically for US

Blogging Dashboard 7

US is the second most popular country visiting Goodly and I need to make that bubble more prominent 😛


The most popular posts

Here is the list of 3 posts that have made milestones

  1. Home Page – This is most prominent landing page for any site. So is mine
  2. Create a Chart for plotting cities on a Map – I wrote this post way back in Aug and it started topping charts in google search. In this post I explain how can you take a country’s map and can plot cities on that. Recently I also added a video on this page to boost this page even further
  3. Excel Tips – This is a cu ration of all my posts under Excel Tips

Some more pages that follow along are Excel Resources, Financial Modeling Page, A Free HR Dashboard, About Me, Free Pivot Table Course. I launched the Pivot Table Course on 27 April 2015 (my birthday) and it got 400+ downloads in just 1.5 months


My Failures in this Journey

I have had many failures in this Journey. Here are a few remarkable ones

  1. Not meeting 100 posts target – When I started, I planned to touch 100 posts in one year. This is the 94th blog, that means I have written a blog every four days or 7.8 blogs every month but the number 100 has its own charm
  2. Not meeting an average of 1000 visits / month – I am so close 959.33,  just 40 visits short.. aahh, but I lost out on this one too
  3. Not being able to generate enough comments – I have just 93 comments that is even (1) less than the blog posts. Too bad, I need to do something about this


Future Plans for

  1. Contemplating Google Adsense – I am thinking to and fro about putting limited ads on the site. My decision is purely based on monetising the site but I don’t want your experience to get hurt. Please do let me know your views
  2. Revamp Goodly – I am actively working with a developer and some other creative artists to revamp the site entirely. The site will more appealing and filled with more meat (I mean content)
  3. Writing Focus – I will continue to write interesting problems about excel but will also boost writing about PowerPoint Presentations, I strongly believe that I can make a big difference to the people who make a lot of presentations
  4. Online Courses – Alright I have finally decided to launch at least one online training program this year. I promise to rock it as much as I rock the live training. It would either be on Excel or PowerPoint Presentations. I will keep you posted as the idea hatches


A Big Hug and Thank you so much

I would not have come that long after leaving my full time job, in case YOU would not have contributed to Goodly. Thank you so much. I promise to share (in the most fun filled way) with you all that I learn and experiment


Here is Dashboard Once Again

Grab the free dashboard of my one year blogging story. Use the button below and enter your email address so that I can send it directly to you



So tell me..

I am so eager to hear from you about anything that you have liked about Goodly or even your valuable comments on the Dashboard. I am all ears, just put down your comments below 🙂


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