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Rio Olympics Visualization 2
Visualization 1 – Change in Rankings


Rio Olympics Visualization
Visualization 2 – Overall


Recently the Olympics have been the talk of the town! Personally I have been following Olympics for just 2 reasons

  1. To see the medal count for India
  2. To be astonished by the performance of US


When the Olympics ended I thought why not make a Dashboard and feed people with analytics of RIO and may be even compare it to London Olympics. Both of these are unlocked, rip them apart and see how did I put them together


Visualization 1 – Shift in Rankings

Rio Olympics Visualization 3

The Inspiration to make this visualization came from here. This was a tough one!! To get my head around this, I took almost 7 hours


Visualization 2 – Overall

Rio Olympics Visualization 4

This was not so difficult and I was done with this in about 2 hours.


  1. It contains both the visualizations!
  2. Be sure to enable macros before you start playing with it!
  3. Works well in Excel 2010 and above!!

    ⬇️ Pop in your Name & Email to get the file!

    Resources and Links

    Here are a few things that will help you understand some of the concepts used in making both of the visualizations

    1. How to make a Scrolling list in Excel
    2. Beauty Tips for your Excel Dashboard
    3. How to get Vector Icons
    4. Dynamic Text Boxes in Excel
    5. Slicers in Excel
    6. Slicers Formatting in Excel


    Some more kick ass Visualizations/Dashboards

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