A while ago, I mistakenly pressed the shortcut – ALT W H and the screen went blank. I was zapped, what the hell happened?

Where is my screen?

This is what I saw..


Thankfully I had saved my work so I closed excel and restarted my file and I had the blank screen once again staring at me. Just before I mustered up the courage to do the work again, I tinkered with the Ribbon and found this crazy little option

I clicked and voila! I finally found the option to unhide my file 😀


In short.. here is what I am trying to say!

  1. In the View Tab, click the option “Hide” to hide your excel workbook
  2. Now even if you close your excel file and reopen it, it still will be hidden
  3. To unhide the workbook, in the View Tab, click on “Unhide”


Well frankly I haven’t found a justifiable use for this option but I have found this option 😀 Let me know if you currently use it and in what context

– – –

PS: At the beginning of the story, I meant to press ALT W FF for freezing panes 😀


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