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All Dashboards & Visualizations

In the last few years of Blogging I have made quite a few Dashboards and Visualizations. In this post I’ll put them together so that you can access them at a single place


– Just to make things easy you can download all of them in one shot


Dashboards & Visualizations

Along with comprehensive Dashboards I have also included some really cool standalone charts and visualizations. If you want to scroll through the list, be my guest. Most of them have videos and tutorials as well

  1. Facebook Dashboard in Excel
  2. Sales Funnel Chart in Excel
  3. Improve the Look and Feel of your Dashboard – Guide
  4. 80-20 Pareto Analysis Chart in Excel
  5. Flight Schedule Dashboard
  6. Indian Tech Startup Performance Dashboard
  7. Excel World Champ Visualization
  8. Dashboard using Advanced Filter
  9. RIO Olympics Visualization
  10. Make a Dashboard in 15 Mins
  11. Cost Structure Visualization – Dashboard Contest
  12. Shift Between Companies Visualization
  13. Dot Chart Visualization
  14. Funnel Chart Visualization
  15. Highlighting Parts of a Line Chart Visualization
  16. 30 Day Challenge Dashboard
  17. Infographic Chart 1
  18. Infographic Chart 2
  19. Target Charts in Excel
  20. Republic Day Visualization
  21. Highlighting Parts of a Stacked Chart
  22. Bubble Chart Matrix with Scrollbars
  23. Blogging Dashboard
  24. Stock Ticker Chart
  25. Worlds Biggest Economies – Economist Chart Reworked
  26. A Simple Sales Dashboard
  27. Analogue Timer Visualization
  28. Human Resource Dashboard
  29. Converting Data Dump into a Visualization
  30. Map Chart for Plotting Cities
  31. Customized Scrollbar In Excel


Leave a comment and let me know which ones you liked the most. Cheers and hope you enjoy this


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